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I’m Your Wedding Guy Timeless Wedding Logo Design: Romantic and Symbolic

Create a modern, timeless logo reflecting the wedding industry. Provide three initial designs, aiming to finalize one.

1. Classic Elegance:

- Incorporate wedding elements.

- Use gold and Silver colors.

- Consider wedding rings or a cake.

2. Romantic Flourish:

- Capture romance with blush pink and ivory.

- Include subtle floral elements or a heart shape.

- Use a graceful, flowing font.

3. Timeless Monogram:

- Create a unique "W" and "G" monogram.

- Experiment with fonts for sophistication.

- Neutral color palette for versatility.

Chosen Design:

- Client's Final Logo:

- Incorporate two wedding rings for a symbolic touch.

- Ensure a clean and elegant presentation.

Presentation: Showcase each design with explanations, color palettes, and mockups for various applications.

Feedback and Revisions: Gather client feedback for revisions to refine the chosen concept.

Delivery: Provide finalized logo in various formats for print and digital use, ensuring client satisfaction.

This concise plan includes the client's final choice, incorporating two wedding rings for added symbolism in the "I'm Your Wedding Guy" logo design.

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